GEOTECNIA was founded in 1996 by Mr. Luis E. Moura. Mr. Moura is a registered civil and geotechnical engineer in California and holds a masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He has 39 years of experience in geotechnical engineering in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley and Southern California.
Mr. Moura was elected to the grade of “Fellow” by the American Society of Civil Engineers
in January 2007.

GEOTECNIA provides geotechnical consulting services in the
following areas:

- Real Estate assessments
- Reconnaissance-level studies
- Design-level studies
- Design & Construction support
- Expert testimony
- Forensic consultations for distressed structures

Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality professional services at reasonable costs.
In addition to our in-house expertise, we bring together a network of experienced and highly qualified firms that provide the full range of geotechnical and geological services as well as seismic engineering. Our clients get the benefit of having registered engineers and geologists working on their projects from start to finish.

Since its inception in 1996, GEOTECNIA has completed over 1,700 projects. These include public infrastructure facilities, commercial and residential buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, industrial facilities, landslide repairs and retaining walls. Our clients include engineering and architectural firms, developers, contractors, law firms, real estate firms, country clubs, park districts, non-profit organizations, insurance companies, school districts, churches, cemeteries, hospitals, industrial manufacturers and homeowners.